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We are thrilled to present the first digital exhibition of our commissioned artworks as part of our Digital Programme 2020/2021. We've worked with 7 artists; 4 from open commission calls to create brand-new, digitally sharable artworks in any format, and 3 artists through our Black Joy Matters print commission. Take a look at each of their projects, and keep an eye out for the ones that you can try at home yourself.

Slush Habitat - Hang Linton and Sophie Ann Lillywhite


Hang and Sophie have created a weird and wonderful world from a collection of conversations, audio and imagery. This is their journey of connection and exploration by gathering knowledge, pursuing empathy and rebelling against clean aesthetics.

Explore the digital landscape and find out more about the project here.

Work in progress - Clare Charnley and Lulia Togara

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 13.20.22.png

Clare and Lulia came together to discuss, as artists, each other's ideas for collaboration. A common-ground was found in the creation of a game; words and phrases from their conversations were laid out in a grid. Now they've made a video, and this is just the beginning..

Watch the short film, play their game and find out more about how they came together to form the collaboration.

At Our Feet - Charlotte Arnold


After getting to know her local park during lockdown, Charlotte brings us a dance film in response to the people she's seen, the shapes, the environment and the sounds. Charlotte has also made 2 maps so you can retrace her walking route and experience Armley Park yourself.

Watch the film and get the maps here.

Women who shaped Leeds and the world - Megan Dobbyn

Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 14.10.07.png

Take a look at animated illustrations and family friendly resources, created by Megan, looking at 3 influential women from Leeds. Megan's activity packs give you information about the women and their lives, as well as creative tasks to get you thinking. There's also mini biographies, so there's loads to read and learn.

Have a look at the collection here.

Model Armley - Chris Bennigsen

skeltons sketch 2.jpg

Inspired by model villages and by his time spent in his local area of Armley during lockdown, Chris has designed beautifully detailed models of some of Armley's most loved landmarks. They're all printable at home and come with instructions to make you own.

Have a look at some models made by artists at Assembly House, and by Chris, and get your hand on your own here.

Could have been a dream, could have been a nightmare - Abdullah Adekola


For our debut digital exhibition, Abdullah Adekola brings us a project exploring the hopes, fears, dreams and nightmares of Black men during a global pandemic, lockdown and anti-racist uprisings.

Take a look at Adekola's poetry and video diaries here.

Black is... Black Ain't - Luci Pina

luci 3.jpg

With a lo-fi and sentimental approach to image making, Luci's illustration follows personal narratives in response to text and poetry. For our Black Joy Matters commission Luci is reimagining one of her zine-like prints for Assembly House.

Take a look at the print here.

Of Sacrifices Made - Sondliwe Pamisa


For Assembly's Black Joy Matters, Sondliwe Pamisa, is creating a brand-new painting, which we will be turning into a print for sale. His artwork explores movement, mindfulness and connection with our bodies and uses bold colours and scenes of everyday life.


Take a look at Sondliwe's painting here.

Black Rose.01 - Kevin Chege / norfnorfnoir

rose B2.jpg

It's not long until we launch our Black Joy Matters, and with every print we'll be sending out our newly commissioned sticker, by artist Kevin Chege. Kevin has fused his African and Yorkshire heritage together in one design.

Take a look at Kevin's sticker design and get an exclusive sticker with every print.

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