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Black is... Black ain't - Luci Pina
Black is Black aint.jpg

For her Black Joy Matters commission from Assembly House, Luci Pina has redesigned a pre-existing short project she did in response to the rise of the BLM movement on social media. Luci says the activity on social media made her feel exposed and uncomfortable - and with that came a need to push a different narrative that wasn’t about anti-racism and about white people realising those things within themselves but more so about celebration of Blackness, in all its intricacies and multitudes.


Luci says, "I always think of a quote I read in bell hooks’ Outlaw Culture that has always stuck in my mind and underpins everything I make - it’s about using 'self-love as a political agenda'. Radical self love as a Black person is inherently political so this print is hopefully a sweet reminder of that."

Assembly House is selling a limited run of 50 prints, signed and editioned by Luci. Each print is £10, with the money being split between Luci and her chosen charity Black Minds Matter. You can get your print on our online shop, and each print comes with an exclusive sticker designed by Kevin Chege, you can read more about it here.

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