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Assembly House is looking to recruit 5-7 members of the committee, one of which will become elected as the Chair following an introductory meeting of the board and Directors.

We are interested in hearing from anyone with an interest in the arts, creative enterprises, and supporting artists. We are also interested in those with experience in artist development, mentoring, community work or education/learning.


We are specifically looking to recruit people with skills and experience in:


  • Property law, leases, business rates and other legal knowledge

  • Finance, financial management and governance

  • Fundraising, including private and public fundraising, philanthropy, donations and giving

  • Business development, including developing income streams


You will have experience in one or more of these areas, that you may have gained over your career, through volunteering, or other forms of lived experience. You may have had a long professional career, worked across various sectors and projects or be earlier in your career and be passionate about one of these areas.


The ideal candidate will be able to share their thoughts on important issues affecting the organisation. They will be a perceptive and confident communicator, who is able to speak their mind, whilst enabling everyone to have their say. They will be confident leaders, reflective thinkers and/or active listeners. They will be able to look at decisions strategically and take into account varying and competing factors. They will be willing to hold the organisation to account and evaluate our work.

Please take a look at the documents below for all the information on Assembly House and who we are wanting to connect with. 

To apply, please fill out this short form.

Deadline - 29/02/24

Questions? Please get in touch with the team at


If you're interested in mucking in at Assembly House and helping us out we are always in need of more volunteers.

If you want to get involved contact our assistant producer Beth Waite, you can find her at

Volunteering with us ranges from decor of the studio to helping with events. Not only can you help us but we work hard at creating opportunities for you to develop new skills, network and have fun while volunteering with us.

Assembly House would not be where it is today with out the hard work of our volunteers, so consider getting involved. 


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