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Kevin Chege / norfnorfnoir
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About Kevin

I've recently started practising my craft, as a filmmaker and artist. I'm interested in sound, images and moving images. I love critical thinking and dialogue about Black artists and Black collectors. I also love being outdoors and sharing experiences and conversations with other people.

I started as an artist by taking photographs and one of my proudest achievements is having the opportunity to shoot portraits of my Grandmother, and other friends in family, in Kenya. In the past i've performed at Leeds Museums and Galleries and have recently had a documentary commissioned.

My practice is driven by a range of different things. Resilience drives my practise. What's happening today makes me excited. I'm inspired by the youth and what the future holds. I hate ignorance and I love the wisdom of Black progressive African thinkers. I am driven by the chance to be creative with my friends everyday.

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About the project

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For the Black Joy Matters commission, I created a design based on the House of York and House of Lancaster Red/White rose symbol, but changed the colour to represent the Pan-African flag and thinking in Yorkshire .

The symbol represents the young Black youth that grow up in Yorkshire and are also inspired by African heritage and critical Black thinkers.

My design, which will be made into stickers, encourages anti-colonial critical thinking, writing, art, as well as Pan-African philosophy.


My design also explores movement and migration of Black people to Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, pre and post Windrush, and the connection/ alienation of Black bodies and Black critical thinking in the Yorkshire area 


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