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Slush Habitat - Hang Linton and
Sophie Ann Lillywhite





About Slush Habitat:

Hang and Sophie have created a weird and wonderful world from a collection of conversations, audio and imagery, all assembled through the exquisite corpse method. This has been the artists journey of connection and exploration by gathering knowledge, pursuing empathy and rebelling against clean aesthetics.


From technology to nature, relationships and spirituality, to time, habits and the absurd, we urge you to explore, seek adventure and lose yourself in extended moments.

Slush habitat is a digital landscape, a chaotic collage for you to click through and find hidden things. Hover over the different elements, watch videos and explore layered images.

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 19.11.48.png

About the collaboration:

"Through combining our disciplines and areas of interest we have formed a network of responses to become acquainted, without physical or traditional contact.


Our aim was to explore the unknown, a beginning without an end, which in turn fed this constant stream of data that we harnessed to express ourselves and build a connection. 


This project has been a lifeline of connection and creativity we’ve both needed during the second lockdown. It was daunting at first not being able to meet one another in person, as we didn’t know what to expect in terms of how we would approach the project under the COVID restrictions. But by setting the tone at the beginning and sharing a mutual empathy to go into this experience, it’s been both enlightening and uplifting.


We’ve been able to appreciate our individualities and unique styles to create a piece of work which is experimental and vibrant. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and have intentions of working in similar ways again in the near future."

- Hang and Sophie

Slush Habitat was commissioned by Assembly House, as part of their Artist X Writer collaborative commissions. For these commissions we paired up artists and writers, who had not previously met or worked together, to create a brand new artwork.

This project was supported by Arts Council England and Assembly House is supported by Arts@Leeds, part of Leeds City Council.

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