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Assembly House is an independent art gallery located in Armley, Leeds. We are passionate about promoting local artists, creating a platform for them to showcase their work, and helping to build an artistic community. Our gallery has been open for ten years now and we have worked hard to create a great atmosphere in our area. We are proud to have hosted a range of successful exhibitions, talks, and workshops. If you're looking to get involved in the creative scene, or just want to come and explore our gallery, we'd love to hear from you

Armley Sculpture Trail

Assembly House had the pleasure of presenting 3 newly-created temporary Sculptures that audiences followed right through Armley’s heart.
Our artists Teamed up with local community groups to create these sculptures. Through a series of workshops they came up with ideas and inspiration for the final sculptures. Armley has a rich history of making and we want to continue that cultural legacy and amplify Armley’s wonderfully creative and diverse community; championing the local people who are building an exciting future for the area.

PHOTO-2022-07-13-12-59-53 2.jpg
PHOTO-2022-05-18-15-08-45 3.jpg

Paul Millhouse-Smith & West Leeds Mens Network - I Can See Your Outline

The West Leeds Men's Network is a project designed to help combat isolation amongst men in the Armley & Bramley area's of the city. The Network takes the form of social groups, where members meet to share conversation over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Through a series of workshops, the group has collaborated to explore creativity and expression through collective making and discussion. In the second workshop, the motif of a hand emerged. Used in gestures of greeting and friendship the hand is a symbol of generosity, hospitality and stability; it came to embody the group’s ideals. In this sculpture the open palm also suggests truth, honesty, and openness. This reflects the group's practice of communication and the sharing of truths in order to offer support to each other in times of need.


Rosie Vhora  & New Wortley Community Centre Women's Group - A Strong Cabinet 

Armley Sculpture Trail - Artist Portraits-12.jpg

The New Wortley Community Centre Women's Group offers a safe space for women to chat, have a brew and make friends. The group love anything creative and are always eager to get stuck into a new activity or project. The women also like to share their own creative skills with one another. 

A Strong Cabinet is a steel drawing that includes mosaics made by New Wortley Community Centre Women’s Group. It references a drawing made by one of the members, who considered the group to represent a strong cabinet; a piece of furniture that can display and keep safe an array of collected treasures. The walls of this cabinet are open and include the park in its contents. The precious object, knitted together by the group's work, is hung on display for all to see and enjoy.

Amelia Frances Wood & Armley Helping Hands - Coffee And A Teacake 

Armley Helping Hands support older people living in Armley & Wortley district of leeds 12 The charities aim is to provide facilities for the advancement of education, recreation and leisure time activities with a view to improving quality of life


Coffee and a Teacake is a sculpture made in collaboration with Armley Helping Hands. Artist Amelia Frances Wood engaged with AHH’s reminiscence group through the cathartic nature of clay, speaking about memories and eating teacakes and the sculpture soon became about bringing people together to communicate and find connection. In each ceramic tile, a different member of the group has carved, painted and sculpted a memory. The sculpture represents a table hoping to encourage people to gather around and engage in conversation.

Armley Sculpture Trail - Artist Portraits-0.jpg

Local Skills Workshops

In 2022 Assembly house ran a plethora of skills workshops aimed at bringing together the local community in Armley as well as offering a safe space to explore new skills, meet likeminded people and learn something new!

We_re all in this together (3).png
Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 11.56.55.png
We_re all in this together (6).png
Growing Plants With Amelia Wood
Power Tools With Paul & Newt
Arts Funding With 
Matt Rogers

The Armley Horses

In 2021 Assembly House teamed up with Leeds 2023 to bring Armley a new public sculpture display.
Artists Rosie Vhora and Amelia wood worked alongside local community group Hookers & clickers to build these 10ft Horses.
This collaboration between artists and crochet group was displayed in Gotts park, bringing people from Armley together celebrating the rich artistic and historic culture that is here.


Unseen Histories- Celebrating Black Heritage In Leeds

The final culmination of our month-long festival, Ran throughout September 2021, culminating artworks and events exploring Black British history in Leeds. The festival is curated by Black artists in and around the city, with support from Heritage Corner, pioneers of the Leeds Black History Walk and Assembly House, an artist studios and project space in Armley, Leeds.

The industrial revolution included contributions of peoples from different parts of the world, many of whom are represented in Leeds today - how can we celebrate inclusion in the telling of these narratives?

Joe Williams. Photo Credit_ Sable Radio.jpg

Many communities are excluded from the knowledge about the richness and success of Black history and culture in Leeds, the festival aims to give access to this history in unconventional and artistic ways, hoping to engage with the wider community.

Artist_ Musufing Marong. Photo Credit_ Sable Radio.jpg
Artist_ Ijeme Aikhionbare. Photo credit_ Alice Boulton-Breeze.HEIC
Unseen Histories. Photo Credit_ Sable Radio.jpg
Welcome to Armley xSML.jpg

Armley Mural Neighbourhood Project

In September 2019 Assembly House commissioned 4 artists to do murals around Armley.

These artists worked alongside the community to bring 4 amazing new murals into the local area, all drawing inspiration from the local people and history of Armley

To celebrate the unveiling of our new murals. Specially commissioned to showcase emerging mural artists and in response to our local area, we invited the local community for walking tours of the brand new public works of art, we held an opens studio to explore our artist studios, meet the mural artists and enjoy some free food and drinks. 

Murals project tour SML.jpeg
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