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Confetti Pattern

Tom Halsall

Since 2021

Has been with us-


I am a figurative oil painter who enjoys painting abstracted versions of the human figure. I enjoy applying classical oil painting techniques in order to achieve a rich painterly image.

My work is chiefly concerned with the abstraction of the human, I do this by visual warping and misshaping the human form to evoke a feeling of the destruction of what we typically view as a person. I do this as a meditation on what we are as a species and as beings, and how our emotional, mental lives intersect with out corporeal beings.

Instagram: tom_halsall_art


When I finished my undergraduate degree I wished to stay in Leeds as an artist, I needed a studio space due to my practice taking up a lot of space, when I saw Assembly House advertising studio space I leapt at the opportunity!

The sense of community! It is great sharing a space with so many like minded, warm, and generous artists and creators. Sometimes its great to come in and just have a cup of tea and a chat with the brilliant people I share this space with.

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