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Confetti Pattern

Sunny Wong

Since July 2022

Has been with us-


My practice reflects on my relationship with tech and the digital environment and communicates my perception of the increasingly technological world that we live in. I recently tend towards painting and printmaking in my practice but have previously worked with photography and video for other projects addressing different topics.

I have consistently explored the topic of technology and contemplated the current condition of living in a highly connected world and how this could affect one's mind and shape society. Some themes that are present in my recent work include the phenomenon of digital people watching, overexposure of information, disposable connections and conversations, and rethinking the production, distribution and ownership of contemporary digital images.


I like the Haus for the sociable environment and being around with other creative people. Everyone's in working hard all the time so it's an inspiring place to be in. Very blessed to be a part of this...

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