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Confetti Pattern


Since 2021

Has been with us-


My work's main focus is a graphic pattern which takes shape in a number of forms including digital illustration, painting, drawing, streetwear and most recently a delve into street art. I also like to experiment with other mediums when I get the opportunity it’s always a fun challenge to create my pattern using new methods.

I like to explore multiple themes within my work but a lot of it in the beginning was inspired by underground music culture and from there my ideas flow from societal/political topics to personal emotions and stories. Recently I have been exploring combining graffiti inspired typography with graphic faces/facial features to portray different mental states and emotions.



"Although I’ve only been here for a short period of time my favourite memory so far would be the recent volunteer day we had that ended up turning into an impromptu yoga class outside with beers and pizza. Was just such a laugh and a great opportunity to get to know all the Ass Haus family better!"

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