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Confetti Pattern

Sarah Danaher

Since 2021

Has been with us-


I work predominantly in video, sculpture and installation, usually about the internet, religion, and my family. I use stained glass as an extension of the screen, like a frame for my films. My current interests are the world of post-truth online, the echo-chambers of communities based around a set of beliefs, and the effect on identity when these subjective truths come into conflict.

I recently took part in arebyte's 'hotel generation', and also completed a graduate residency at The Art House in Wakefield.

I work with the antagonism between the internet and religion. I collide conflicting belief systems, using the humour of my experiences growing up in a large Irish Catholic family to question the underlying power at play in both domestic and digital settings.

Instagram: @sarahdanaher


"I loved working with K Walker on their Seven Devils project. I helped K to film and edit the video, and their passion and dedication to the project made it so rewarding. "

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