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Confetti Pattern

Phee Jefferies

Since 2022

Has been with us-


I’m a multidisciplinary artist with an interest in found objects and things that are usually cast aside as junk. My practice explores sculpture and installation, with photography and video/performance, incorporating everyday objects to create surreal objects or scenarios. I love to experiment with different materials and techniques, exploring how they behave under different circumstances. It’s interesting to me to see how many different ways I can recreate a mundane object, turning it into a bizarre, nonsensical version of itself. One of my favourite materials is latex, which I mostly use to make realistic casts of my body.

I use common objects in uncommon ways to create absurd and surreal interpretations of everyday situations. We always see things, but we very rarely look at them. I love to analyse the world around me, considering the things that are so normal we don’t even think twice about them and how strange they really are. Through my work I have been trying to encourage people to notice the weird and wonderful aspects of the human condition, and to embrace them. By purposefully taking things out of context the viewer is forced to reconsider what they are looking at and really focus on the objects form, drawing attention to the abnormality of it - like when you repeat a word so many times that it begins to feel strange and disconnected, and you wonder if it is even a word at all. Once you start then you begin to see absurdity in everything, and even the most mundane objects become full of a bizarre and nonsensical beauty, which makes life seem so much more exciting!


In 2023 Assembly House supported me in producing my first ever solo exhibition! It was my first opportunity to think of how my art would work on a bigger scale, and to experiment freely with my installation and curation. The help that I received was fantastic, and it was a really exciting opportunity that I learnt a lot from and really allowed my practice to develop.

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