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Confetti Pattern

Molly Hughes

Since May 2023

Has been with us-


I primarily work with oil paint and tend to paint in traditional styles but I also like making graphic work through digital and analogue processes.
I predominantly paint and draw portraiture but I prefer working with a mix of subject matter

I like to respond to my own writing since i've started making music and poetry,
I also like to explore themes surrounding topics relevant to human experience and the nature of human life like pop culture, mental illness, and music

Instagram @misstrashworld


The first time i ever came to Assembly House to volunteer blew my mind, i knew they did exhibitions there but i didn't realise there were studio spaces and then i had a look around and i was just like 'i have to do absolutely everything and anything to be a part of this' it was just so obvious how special the community is and it had been just down the road the whole time

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