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Confetti Pattern

Merrez Bal

Since Novemeber 2022

Has been with us-


Merrez tips his toes in a lot of different art styles but mainly a illustration portrait artist, making Prints of Hip Hop icons.

Since joining assembly has started to up his scale as well as creating custom Tables or Ta-Bals, hand cutting shapes and experimenting with resin.

Merrez Bal, working under the pseudonym MZA is a full time teacher and a part time artist, roles he hopes to swap in the future.

His current work varys between traditional illustration,graphic design, print making, graffiti,and painting.

His ongoing project 'Not all Goats have horns' started in Lockdown in which he started creating portraits of Hip Hop icons or the Greatest of all time. This project will be the title of his upcoming solo show in Sept 2023.

" It's Hip-hop you can Hold"

More than simple print works he trying to combine music, art, history and a community - he has been a studio holder at assembly House since September 2022.

Previously MZA was concerned and focused on the notion,race and identity in society.

His upcoming project entitled ' where are you really from' shall go down the route of moving image, spoken word and oil painting to be released 2024.



It's not a studio space, it's a community.

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