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Confetti Pattern

Kevin Devonport

Since 2021

Has been with us-


I am a painter that uses a number of traditional genres with a contemporary essence. I mainly paint with a degree of realism with some of my artwork expressing underlying psycho/sociological themes and others purely for their aesthetic value.

I do not have any artistic qualifications but do hold a First Class Honours BSc in Sociology that does have a degree of influence on much of my work. Themes that are of relevant interest and have been recently explored are identity and senses of selfhood alongside consumerism.



I'm currently working on a series of still life paintings using the Tarot and material artefacts to create a life narrative. This has been an ongoing project since I've started at Assembly House, as I have been working on other commitments and commissions in-between this particular project.
A memory that sticks out to me is definitely completing my First Oil painting alongside the secret Santa at Christmas.

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