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Confetti Pattern

Jemima Spence

Since 2022

Has been with us-


Someone once described my work as grimy and it was the best compliment ever. I love it when a painting makes sense from far away, but up close the marks look messy and abstract so your eyes are constantly finding new details and the more you look the more you see. I work anywhere from palm to wall sized, usually in oil but sometimes acrylic and spray. There are infinite ways to use paint and its impossible to master, which terrifies and excites me at the same time.

I would describe my work as autobiographical, in that I only ever use my own references from images or life. I try to alter the details though to give more of an impression of the thing I’m painting than a photorealistic image. I find this hard though so I’m a work in progress for sure.

Portraits and figures are a common theme in my work because the familiarity of a face/body gives an instant connection, and makes you question what the persons story is. Inspiration can really come from anywhere though whether its a person, a conversation, a movie, or just a drainpipe I think looks cool. Anything which makes me stop for a second and think I need to paint that. I like the idea of the picture then making the viewer stop in there tracks for a second too, because a lot of us (myself included) are so fast paced and distracted there's few things with the power to make us do that.

I seem to get visual pleasure from ordinary and maybe unseen things, rather than the extravagant or typically appealing. Like I could be stood on an amazing sandy beach with an insane sunset Infront of me, but for some reason my eyes would probably be more interested in the mangled seagul behind me pecking at some old gum under a bin. I hope by recreating in a painting whatever it was I saw, i can pass on that mood to whoever views it, creating some kind of relationship between me, the painting , and the person looking at it. My work is generally about relatability. Maybe something I paint from an experience I’ve had, reminds someone else of a completely different experience they’ve had, and I think this can bring us together in a weird way.

Instagram: jemspens
Website :


I love the community aspect. Everyone is super friendly and chilled. We are all here doing our own thing but there to chat and help each other out too.
I christened my new wall with a giant cat which was so fun and helped me settle in my first month being here.

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