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Confetti Pattern

Jan Doherty

Since 20222

Has been with us-


My works are collages combining different fabrics, machine pieced and quilted, using self-dyed,
printed and painted fabrics, increasingly including digitally manipulated photographs. I also digitally
create machine embroidery and quilting patterns. The materials I use are natural fabrics (cotton and
linen), Procion MX dyes and biodegradable chemicals to enable the printing and dying process. I use
a sewing machine for piecing and quilting. I am currently exploring botanical printing on fabric with
leaves and plants.

The current themes for my work have grown out of the confines we faced during lockdown. The
many walks I took along the river and canal, woods and around Kirkstall Abbey. I love the detail of a
leaf, lichen or flower, the flow of the water and the colour and texture of the stones of the Abbey. I
am also interested in developing the storytelling element of my quilts. I call my works quilts as they
are layered with a cotton wadding that gives thickness and substance as in traditional quilts. The
pieced fabric collages are visual compositions but they can appear flat until they are quilted when
they develop richness, texture and depth. I love the traditional quilts and the long and varied history
of their making. I’d like my work to honour those traditions

Instagram: jandoherty5


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