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Confetti Pattern

Jameson Rogan

Since 2021

Has been with us-


I’m a graphic designer, sign painter and muralist working predominantly with typography. I tend to use enamel paints in my work, or emulsion or spray paint depending on the scale.

I use big bold colours and text, graphic styles and shapes.

I initially started out with a residency in the gallery space for a few months last summer. This really helped me to find my footing as a freelance and gave me the space I needed to practice my craft. I also shared the space with multiple people who were all different in their work, they were so friendly and welcoming.


"The parties are always great as are the film screenings I’ve been to, and having sneak previews of people’s work is brilliant! A lot of what I paint is on-site for clients, whether that’s a fascia sign or a mural. But I really enjoy spending time in the studio and producing some reverse glass commissions.

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