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Confetti Pattern

Jacob Talbot

Since 2021

Has been with us-


I'm a Fine Artist predominantly working with and between the mediums of photography and sculpture; ranging from exploring elements of materiality through to engaging and examining personal experience as a mode of cathartic creation.
I'm also an art facilitator and co-director of a gallery space in Chapel Allerton

Before I had a studio here, I knew a couple studio holders so would pop down to either chill, help out, or just soak in the creative vibe; after giving a helping hand building the new studios I realised that this was the place for me! I applied and was very very fortunate enough to be accepted into the Ass Haus Family!

Jacob Talbot is a recent graduate of BA Photography from Leeds Arts University, UK. He is a multidisciplinary artist, manipulating analogue and digital photography, extending into fine art based multi-media pieces. His work encompasses a range of photographic genres exploring both the physical and metaphysical aspects of an image. His practise transmits empathetic visual language whilst investigating emotional projection. Alongside and within his photographic practise, Jacob Talbot also utilises the benefits of sculpture to allow the objectification of the material image. Interactive installation, film making, music composition and three dimensional techniques also add to his practise whether it be commissioned or for personal outcomes.

Instagram: scruffsart


"Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, even before I was a studio holder, everyone always makes that extra effort - one of the first times I was in there I realised how present that creative atmosphere of Ass Haus is. I've enjoyed collaborating with Glen Ogden on CLOCKWORK and Sandshifters; I am working towards exhibiting at Assembly: (working title) "An Isolated State...Ment"

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