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Confetti Pattern

Elliot Burt

Since 2022

Has been with us-


I have a socially engaged practise where I mostly draw and sculpt. These are where I usually start when I have an idea but I regularly use photography, writing and photomontage as mediums. I’m interested in contemporary life and to put it simply, I use art to better understand it better. Using it as a way to think through subjects and issues by creating images.

The themes I work with most are irony and the absurd and how these relate to contemporary life. I try to create simple images that highlight these things. My work tends to be on very different topics and I prefer to work on a few projects at a time instead of a singular one. At the moment for example I’m making work related to the Uighur Muslims bring held by the Chinese government, climate change and writing a drama screenplay on life and death.

Instagram: Tribtoille


I started to volunteer with Ass house as a way to help out and to prove to people I’m not a psycho and that I would be a great addition to the community. - It’s a great space and everyone’s lovely

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