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Confetti Pattern

Delilah Sykes

Since January 2024

Has been with us-


My multidisciplinary practice has a conceptual focus. It tends to branch out into performance, sound, text, installation and film. My background is in Fine Art and contemporary cultural theory, and I have studied these specialisms in both the UK and Finland. My work is often informed by academic research and interviews conducted by myself and feed back into my practice. I also have experience in theatre making which influences the way I make work, especially projects with a performance element. I borrow aspects of my artistic process from the processes in practice at the London based theatre company ‘Company Three’, in which I was a maker, writer and performer.

My practice explores the tension between the metaphysical and the mundane. Despite an often stripped back approach to presenting work, my pieces use text based elements (whether written, spoken or recorded) to inject complex and intimate narratives. This opens up unique perspectives on themes of loss, time, sexuality and gender.
Within my projects I also aim to limit the influence of the visual and find meaning in empty space. By this I mean that in a world so saturated by image and aesthetic and the currency associated with this, I’m interested in how other mediums feel dangerous, create experiences and evoke deeper human meanings.

Instagram: @delilahsykes


Back in 2018 before becoming a studio holder I was part of a group show called ‘Newspeak’ in the project space. This was such an exciting exhibition and my first time at Assembly House. I’ve wanted to be a part of this community ever since.

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