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Confetti Pattern

Conor Rush

Since 2021

Has been with us-


I have a relational, walking based practice. At the moment it's kind of wrapped up in maps and thoughts - in finding ways of engaging people in their surroundings and the thoughts that make up their reality. It's often about challenging things, assumptions, or our ability to keep moving. I'm fascinated by notions of pilgrimage, how we can connect to an ancient, creative instinct and what we can learn from the creativity of early hominids.

Themes of nature, history and spirituality are all present in my work and it tends to be about finding greater understanding often through creating space for dialogue. Reconnecting to our environment and how we evolved to live are both big parts of my practice often materialising in rituals or pilgrimages with a nod to the artist as shaman. Like early shamanic rituals I'm more concerned with processes than with objects. I see objects as vessels to hold temporary meaning rather than innately powerful in and of themselves and place much more importance on the experience of the audience. I like to use my work as a vehicle for change, and often end up trying to empower people to alter their environment, be it physically through guerrilla gardening or mentally by questioning their perspectives.

Instagram: c.g.rush


Taking over the new space has been fun, it was nice seeing assembly grow and it's lovely that when you now approach the building from the canal the corner tower is full of artists and our hotdeskers

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