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Confetti Pattern

Beth Waite

Since 2021

Has been with us-


I make work that facilitates a connection between the physical and spiritual through feminist structures, ritual, world-building and performance. To do this, I use film, sculpture, performance and photography. Often sculpture acts as costumes or props within film, photography or performance work, to create characters or manifestations of the ethereal. Natural and/or vulgar materials are common within my practice, representing the monstrous feminine; a representation of that which has been repressed and demonised.

The narratives in my practice can be utopian, historical, fictional or other worldly; my work does not exist in complete reality nor fantasy, but an in between space: the home of the feminine soul. Here, I explore the feminine away from patriarchal influence, often using nature as the backdrop. Themes in my work are feminism, ritual, folklore, fantasy, world-building, the uncanny and the soul.

Instagram: @beth_waite_


I am lucky enough to work at Assembly House as the Assistant Producer, and wrangled my way a studio from there. I feel like I've become part of the Ass Haus family in a few short months and hope to be part of it for much longer! The community has made life as an artist so much more meaningful and reassuring which I think we all could use

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