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Confetti Pattern

Anne-Marie Atkinson

Since 2021

Has been with us-


My practice is interdisciplinary: I often start with photography, video, and accessible materials like paper and pen to work spontaneously, but I will work with any appropriate material including movement and performance. Light, monochrome, transparency/translucency, barely-there marks, repetition, small gestures, and physical and digital layering/manipulation are motifs I return to. I am currently undertaking a practice-led PhD and these devices allow me to think through the complex, interwoven, and open-ended conceptual threads I am exploring.

I see myself as an artist coming into being though collaboration and social negotiation. Working with people from wildly diverse backgrounds, I engage a feminist ethics of care that asks each of us to support the fullest humanity of each other. Interested in the spatial and social relations inherent in art, as well as it’s transformative potential, I have taken dialogue, touch, gesture, listening, negotiation, and deep engagement with context as my tools to develop a response-able practice; and my collaborative practice and studio practice are in ever-present dialogue.


I live just up the road and am a big advocate for the Armley area, so when the time came for me to get a studio it felt natural to tap into the great community of artists at Assembly House!

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