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Confetti Pattern

Amelia Frances Wood

Since 2020

Has been with us-


My practice is an exploration of sculpture through different materials, the unbound process acts as a direct communication between myself and the viewer.
I focus on the body as a vessel, exploring the holistic relationship between the external form and the internal spaces. I use sensual materials such as clay and fabric responding in a tactile approach that offers a personal and raw aspect to the ‘unsugared’ work. I intentionally reveal the seams of construction and make visible the hand of the maker, these craft affiliated materials and techniques centre my contemporary practice.

Using sculpture, textile, drawing and symbolic objects, I aim to create a performative platform, using the audience to interrupt the work by becoming a part of it. I enjoy setting up static scenes of unease, as anthropomorphic forms tempt to lick, spit or shout on the viewer. The work looks at us as much as we look at it.
The form of the body, and human experience holds huge intrigue within my practice, exploring extensions of my own body through sculpture and examining how the audience interacts with it. Fascinated by the human form, I focus on parts of the body and through my sculptures exaggerate limbs with multiple hands, create greasy dark tongues licking, leather ears and slumped skins hanging.

Instagram :ameliafranceswood


"Sharing my passion of the human body, and the importance of drawing, I lead weekly non-traditional life drawing classes at Leftbank Leeds called ‘See You Naked Thursday’. The main ethos is to make art accessible and to take life drawing away from its perceived exclusivity of traditional sessions, using the drawing process to appreciate and draw inspiration from the naked form. I’m aiming to challenge traditional sessions by responding each week, with a different theme from a local artist to navigate the participants through the sessions, this includes but is not limited to; poetry, music, dance and costume."

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