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Confetti Pattern

Alice Boulton-Breeze

Since 2019

Has been with us-


My artistic practice uses live performance, drag and interactive installation. I sometimes use characters, based on aspects of myself. Sometimes my characters are silly, bright, bold, and loud. Sometimes my characters are slow and quiet and hold space I would not dare to hold in everyday life. I perform durationally, asking how my body moves and feels after long periods of time. I use tasks to bring the spectacular elements of my performances into the real world, with real, unrehearsed responses. I make soundscapes to accompany my work that reference politicians, religious leaders, and people I interview. I work in non-traditional spaces, responding to derelict buildings, industrial landscapes, expressing my northern working class upbringing in an elitist art world. Or, I work in traditional spaces, being proud that my queer, working class body is taking up space in them. I build installations out of cardboard, use gold spray paint to make false idols and items from our homes, elevated to god-like levels.

My live art, drag, installations and sound artworks explore everyday experiences of real people and how they affect us all, things like death, politics and religion. I love to interview people about their lives. I don't ever have to write stories because the things people have gone through are already extraordinary enough. My drag often makes fun of the absurdity of some religious stories and historical events. The poetry i write is often about how i feel, and about the natural world, and the built environment. The things i draw aren't about anything because i can't draw so i just take what i can get.

My work as a producer, for Assembly House and East Street Arts, is centred around opening up access to visual and performing arts to anyone who is normally excluded from creativity. I work to support early career artists, and want Assembly House to be a place any early career artist in the city can find support and development. my producing work also looks at how we can make Armley, the place i spent a lot of my childhood, the best place it can be using creativity.

Instagram: aleasybb


I originally joined as the studio's first employee- the Studio and Programme Manager. since then my role has developed and changed and i'm now a Director of the company, with Archie Brooks, and i lead on our programming, community projects, finances, HR and more as the Creative Producer.

The first Christmas party we had, where we did secret Santa and everyone got something super personalised. A really heartwarming time where we all felt like a big family!

My Favourite show at assembly was 'A Passing Place' by Amelia Frances Wood and Lily Lavorato - such a beautiful, sensitive and transformative exhibition of sculpture, drawings, objects and light.

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