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19th April-May 4th 2019

Curated by Caitlyn Main

'There were things fermenting, substances oozing out of plastic tubes and scooped with fingers from little glass jars. They soaked through, permeated like stains on cotton, resonating in the back part of your jaw to a light ache. Tooth pushes through wet gum. To begin with we drew round each individual gently, but the borders were sodden, blended out into a light translucence. There are contours here, angles and shadows and iridescent highlights, but no edges. There were the thick smears of grease, axel and coconut oil alike; there was shop bought birthday cake icing cloying thick on your teeth and a beigey foundation rim, skirting, a victory lap.’ (Caitlyn Holly Main) This show seeks to examine definitions of painting, with a particular focus upon the periphery, and gendered artefact. We seek collectively to compare the traditional role of painting, a mastery of surface enhancement, to the perceived duplicity of make-up – notions of luxury, implications of vanity and inconsequential relic all inform the works shown.

Vapid, Languid, Limp & Lounging is part of Painting Programme.

Painting programme is a seven-month programme of painting exhibitions curated by different painters, each of whom are invite by Assembly House studio holders. The exhibitions which will explore the role, possibilities and responsibility of collective artistic activity today as well as expose the curators’ unique approach to making, and their appreciation of dynamics within art.

The programme is structured by each studio holder who extends an invitation to another painter, each of whom has been asked to curate a painting-focused exhibition. Within this framework the curating artist can navigate their own interests for each exhibition. The exhibitions will bring together a range of artists within the philosophy that they are all painters together, pitching in and carving out ideas across a broad spectrum of creative activity.

Each exhibition will expose the curators’ unique approach to making, and their appreciation of dynamics within art. It will also give them chance to develop meaningful relationships and dialogues between artists. The programme is broadly removing the role of the gallerist as curator with the value of handing direction to artists.

Guest Curator

Caitlyn Main

Exhibiting Artists

Richard Maguire | Hannah Gibson | Yvette Bathgate | Flo Gordon.


Rosie Vohra.

Caitlyn Main was invited by studio holder Rosie Vohra.

Programme Co-ordinators

Suzy Babington | Rufus Newell | Jack Towndrow | Rosie Vohra

Painting Programme is co-ordinated by Assembly House studio holders.

Project Gallery

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