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The Yellow Wallpaper

Rosie Vohra – Flash Show

1st August (2017)

Studio holder Rosie Vohra participates in Flash Solo Show an annual weeks long series of solo exhibitions where studio holders exhibit recent works in quick pop up succession.

The Yellow Wallpaper is an exhibition of recent ceramic works and drawings by Rosie Vohra.

“My practice emerges from a focus on drawing and collage. I use printed ephemera, found objects, Indian miniature paintings and observational drawing to build a visual vocabulary to express the content of my work. The imagery is informed by questions relating to gender stereotypes, heritage, domestic arrangements, hierarchy, decision-making, humour and desires. The relationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional work is integral to my practice and I am interested in how painting, sculpture and fabric work can feel elastic when tied together by the idea of collage, allowing for different ideas and sensibilities of materials to co-exist.”

This show included a reading of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's short story 'The Yellow Wallpaper'. 1892. The unnamed narrator (often identified as Jane) examines the stifling roles that denied women freedom of expression and the oppressive forces of a partriarchal society.

Project Gallery

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