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The Myth Of Sisyphus In Paint

Nick Greenahall
Solo Show
May 2023

It appears artistic statements are an attempt to reveal the nature of the artists work ,the motivation behind it, or ‘what the work is about’I can only say they are difficult things to write about In terms of the works conception, I can only say that it is most unfathomable It seems the embryo is well camouflaged, which is the essence of magic & in itself sufficient for meIts motivation can be partly explained through the title of the show Painting is a way for me to transcend what Camus called the absurd, a way to find meaning in an indifferent universe I invite you to attach any meaning to the paintings, you may even, as I do, prefer the mystery I’m sure that memory, experience & thoughts act as a sub conscious catalyst I’m equally sure they are escapist, existential & much more besides I work in melancholic colors & muted tones in the hope they create an other worldly atmosphere & give space for the elements to float I’d like to thank Patricia O’Shea for her saintly patience & guidance & Alice Boulton Breeze & all at Assembly House for their vibrancy & help in facilitating this show 

Project Gallery

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