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Not All Goats Have Horns

Merrez Bal
End of Summer Celebration
September 2023

'Not all Goats Have Horns' is a show by Merrez Bal celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop, Merrez is a portrait artist at centred around the idea of community, culture and music.

On September 2nd expect to see work's of art of Hip Hop Icons of the past 50 years as well as hearing them through the Live DJ sets we will have 4 till Late, and from 4 till 6 we will have a BBQ outside including Halal and Vegan Options.

All profits raised from the BBQ will be going back in to Assembly House PIT Project.

There will be a print stall also so you can take a little GOAT home with ya.

So come down bring your friends bring your Nan have a burger and a boogie.

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