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Non-Essential Workers

Solo Performance
Glen ogden
February 2022

The Pointless Labour Company presents their debut performance showcase of the 'Non-Essential Workers' series, at Assembly House on 9th April, 7-10pm. An evening that emphasises the work, rest, work, rest mantra of our time, through repetitive and cyclical performances that explores the physical manifestation of humans as tools. Come and witness three years of performances assembled into one night. 

The evening will consist of three performances; Sand Shifters (2020), After You (2021) and Lay/Unlay (2022), as well as an informal Q&A with the artist at the end of the night.

Glen Ogden’s socially engaged artworks explore the role of ‘the working man’ in historic and contemporary society. Through performance and film, Glen uses space and time sculpturally. 

Project Gallery

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