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Lulling the Tide

Lulling The Tide
Sarah Hardy & Megan Mcclean
July 2023

Megan McClean is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist from Derry, Ireland. Sincegraduating with a filmmaking degree specialising in production design, she has worked onseveral productions, whilst continually developing her craft as a painter and an artist.Drawing on imagery from Irish mythology, her paintings are highly detailed dreamscapesthat seek to bridge the gap between sleeping and waking. Influenced by recurring dreamsshe’s been having for the past decade and a half, her work seeks to highlight how momentsof unrest within typically restful spaces can act as a reflection of our day-to-day lives.Inhabiting many characters within these dreamscapes, Megan paints herself into the work,encouraging the viewer to look more closely and appreciate the small moments within theabstractions. Instagram:

Sarah is a multidisciplinary artist from Grimsby, England. Her current practice builds upon ideas from her last body of paintings surrounding bathing, cleansing, water-based ritual, religion, dreams, and mythologies of women and water; ideas which are woven into her memories and personal history. She has incorporated film and installation into her practice to explore how this can affect communication of narrative.Current themes in Sarah's work include spirituality, dreams, fears and evolving identity, often explored in the context of the natural world. She is interested in the questions that arise when we compare who and where we are now, to where we have come from. 

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