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Suzy Babington - Flash solo show

4th August (2017)

Studio holder Suzy Babington participates in Flash Solo Show an annual week long series of solo exhibitions where studio holders exhibit recent works in quick pop up succession.

Through embracing nonsense Suzy creates a satirical animated world in paint. The application can be excessive, wet on wet paint, experimentally made as she chases compositions and directions in the work. The works are in essence a form of lucid- painting with this hands on think-as-you-go process which allows thought to manifest through wild imagery. Tubular figurative forms, and obscured props, which indicate figures, have become a focus. Futile imagery like imaginary anthropomorphic objects, talk about the beyond. "I think its significant that paintings are creations of our imaginations, they are revealing of our fantasy's and conjure feelings of being wrapped up in a story.”

Project Gallery

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