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Harmonious Muck

Cal Lewis
Solo Show
October 2021

Cal Lewis presents his first gallery show ‘Harmonious Muck’, a playful visual exploration into the bittersweet experience of Western 21st century living. Using his experimental and dynamic painting style, Cal takes us on a dream-like adventure into the subconscious of our post-lockdown society and the hive-mind of our collective consumer comfort blanket.

Cals painting journey began with making pieces for the dance floor. Inspired by living among dance music culture, it is collective human unity and celebration that began as the first themes in his work. Working mostly in response to music, he has been known for his live painting shows and painting style that embodies motion. Now, after taking his painting into his studio at Assembly House, just before the start of the lockdown, he has evolved into exploring the concepts and modern-myths that are making our strange world go round.

'Harmonious Muck’ is a collection of Cal’s work since his 18 months at Assembly House. Come and discover his unique painting style carve away at some of our collective desires and false ideals using his signature vivid colours, abstract shapes and tongue in cheek perspectives.




Project Gallery

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