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Gossamer Skin

Helen Hamilton
Solo Show
April 2022

Gossamer Skin is the debut solo show of sculptor Helen Hamilton, featuring new work exploring ideas around animacy, objecthood, and bodily materiality.

Helen’s practice stems from an investigation in to material culture: questioning the role of the object, especially in its relationship to its viewer. Her work explores not just how we respond to objects, but also how they respond back to us. She has a particular interest in is ‘thingliness’ and the distinction between the terms ‘thing’ and ‘object’. What makes a thing a thing, and what makes an object an object? Can something be both?

Helen Hamilton lives and works in Leeds. She graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2015 with a BA in Fine Art and History of Art and was recently one of 10 artists selected to take part in the national Syllabus programme. Helen has been a studio holder and member of Assembly House since 2020.

Project Gallery

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