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Gone Fishing

Group Exhibition - School of the damned class of 2017

26th – 28th August (2016)

SOTD is a year-long alternative art course directed by its students. Est '14. It was founded as a reaction to the increasing financialisation of higher education. The school is constantly redefined by the motives of its students. The school is based across the UK. The group meets once a month for the core programme. This programme consists of presentations from guest visitors with crits. The students also organise and collaborate on other projects, exhibitions, meetings, talks, interviews, workshops which all form part of the programme of study. Nick Barrett | Nathan Bather | Rory Beard | Esme Boggis | Rose de Borman | Clawson & Ward | Katie Della-Valle | Sarah-Joy Ford | Sam Hutchinson | Daniel Sean Kelly | Tom Kemp | Jane Lawson | Joanne Masding | Vladislava Predelina | Jordan Taylor | Jessica Mai Walker | Rose Walsh SCHOOLOFTHEDAMNED.TUMBLR.COM/-2017

Project Gallery

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