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Efforts in Action

Online Video Exhibition
Mike Winnard
Mayowa Ogunnaike Efforts in Action is a short film which brings to life Laban’s “Efforts of Action’ theory of basic movement qualities. Often taught to dancers and actors, the 8 basic efforts can also be applied to drawing, painting, music-making, performance art, illustration and many other creative fields.

This film takes viewers through the 8 basic types of movement effort and the 4 motion factors which describe them, and explains how we can find these types of movement in our everyday life. We also see how all 8 efforts can be combined for different dramatic effects.

Being aware of the subtle qualities of our gestures gives us a way to reconnect with our bodies through movement and this film is an inclusive journey through the different types of basic effort. No prior knowledge is needed to enjoy the film and it is open to all body types and abilities.

Accompanying the film will be a live drawing workshop hosted by Mayowa and visual artist Rosie Vohra at Leftbank Leeds in July. Mayowa is a professional contemporary dancer who trained at Trinity Laban and has since performed with Phoenix Dance, Uchenna Dance and Ace Dance and Music.

She is currently working with Birmingham-based Rosie Kay on a contemporary interpretation of Romeo and Juliet

which will premiere at the Hippodrome this September. Written and Performed by:

Mayowa Ogunnaike // @mayo_wa0

Shot and edited by:

Mike Winnard / @m1k3winnard /

Soundtrack by:

Jack Wolff // @jackwolffmusic / jack

Supported by:

Leeds Inspired and Assembly House

Runtime: 0:12:51

Project Gallery

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