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Can you spot me real quick

Solo Show
Connor Shields
November 2021

Can Your Spot Me Real Quick?' is underway! Join us this month for Connor Shields solo exhibition. Connor Shields’ sculptures enquire into the nature of maleness using materials such as steel, knitted wool and fabrics. These signify traditional binary associations with both gender and working class industries. Originating from Middlesbrough and 2018 Leeds Art graduate, Shields looks at his Northern heritage and merges it with the increasing focus of male identity. He likes his process to be explorative, combining often objects which develop a sense of tension. With subtlety, his artworks take issue with the adopted roles that we easily accept ad assume, allowing the viewer to unpick these perceptions. The sculptures reflect on and are influenced by traditionally hyper-masculine spaces that can often be hostile environments for queer people. ‘Can You Spot Me Real Quick?’ brings together a selection of new sculptural and two dimensional artworks, which cruise these spaces. The exhibition’s title alludes to casual gestures of protection and notions of being seen.

Project Gallery

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