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Blissful Ignorance

Julia Pomeroy
Solo Show
August 2024

‘Blissful Ignorance’ is an exhibition analysing today's sense of obliviousness, ignorance, and hunt for fun and distraction- stemming from experiences living in the UK. Julia Pomeroy’s figurative paintings are constructed with vibrant colours and strong contrast, juxtaposing superficially joyful hues and dynamic images of contemporary figures with underlying harsher truths. These newest paintings depict narratives of the overwhelming digital realm, young lifestyles vibrating between intoxication and attempting self-care, the refuge found within nature, and still lifes of ironic everyday objects. Overall capturing unguarded states of mind, communicating un-immediate thoughts and feelings, and channelling shared anxieties about our decaying societal structures.

Julia Pomeroy (b.1998) is an oil painter from London, has been based in Leeds for the last six years and is a studio holder at Assembly House, Armley. Pomeroy graduated from her BFA at Leeds Arts University with a 1st in 2020, and she is attending City and Guilds Art School, London, to complete a MFA this Autumn. Julia Pomeroy has been on multiple residencies with arts organisations in Leeds such as East Street Arts and Sunny Bank Mills, and has exhibited in several locations such as Left Bank, Hyde Park Book Club and Coles Gallery in Leeds, and at Eve Leibe Gallery and Brick Lane Gallery in London.

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