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An Isolated State

Jacob Talbot
Solo Show
November 2021

An Isolated State' is an immersive and interactive exhibition debuting photographic and sculptural work by the artist Jacob Talbot. The project has been funded by Leeds inspired and Leeds City Council.

Talbot’s work encourages alternative means to experience artwork. A substantial amount of the pieces in the show invite touch, interaction and playfulness. Derived from a personal experience during covid lockdowns, the exhibition demonstrates disciplines such as life size welded steel sculptures to smaller aluminium and bronze cast pieces, alongside not just large scale photographic images, intricate concrete and resin interactive artworks but also kinetic and light sensitive sculptural photographic ‘hybrids'.

Using a cast of the artists face and abstracted visual matter as a catalyst for interpretation the exhibition invites the participants to respond to the pieces in a written anonymous format, with the intention that a publication that will be produced as an extension of the exhibition.

Project Gallery

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