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Luci Pina
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About Luci

Hi, I’m Luci an illustrator and image maker based in Leeds, UK. With a lo-fi and sentimental approach to image making, my artwork tends to follow personal narratives in response to text and poetry - usually a visual exploration of image, typography and drawing. Along personal narratives, I’m into making research-led responses to Black culture; with energy, intention, and a conscious and loving consideration for the politics of representation.


I studied art throughout my time at school, and went on to do an art foundation course at Leeds Arts University which evolved into doing a degree in Illustration.

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I think my practice is mostly driven by my inquisitive nature. The way I make images allows me to learn, research and become an expert about things I’m interested in. Combined with my understanding of the power of images these ideas really drive me to amplify those bits of information and imagery I pick up. My topics of interest tend to be Black-centric, which is always a drive in itself - we’re always in need of more work made by, about and for Black people.

I have been blessed with some sweet opportunities so far being so fresh out of uni but the one achievement that brings me the most joy is probably my feature in It's Nice That magazine, which you can read here.

About the project

The print for i've created for the Black Joy Matters commission was a redesign of a pre-existing short project I did in response to the rise of the BLM movement on social media. I felt exposed and uncomfortable - and with that came a need to push a different narrative that wasn’t about anti-racism and about white people realising those things within themselves but more so about celebration of Blackness, with all its intricacies and multitudes.

I always think of a quote I read in bell hook’s Outlaw Culture that has always stuck in my mind and underpins everything I make - it’s about using “self-love as a political agenda”. Radical self love as a Black person is inherently political so this print is hopefully a reminder of that.


IG: @luc.ipina

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