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Creative wellness with Sophie Hutchinson
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As part of Assembly House's Digital Programme 2020/2021, we've commission local artist, dancer and yoga teacher, Sophie Hutchinson, to create a series of wellness resources. These are open to anyone and are aimed at helping relieve stress, addressing tension caused by sitting at a desk or home working and enhancing creativity. If you're an artist who's been struggling to create during the difficult lockdown period, why not make some time to take part in the classes and find a moment of peace and quiet.

Sophie is a professionally trained contemporary dancer and Hatha Yoga teacher with experience in somatic movement education. Originally from Ireland, she moved to Leeds in 2011 to study at the Northern School of Contemporary dance, she then went on to study and train in India in 2017/18, returning to Leeds where she has been based


The notion of curiosity is a key part of Sophie’s practise; the ever-changing body meeting the ever-changing world and all of those spaces in between.

“I am always researching and learning and expanding my practise. Tome, Yoga is a living, breathing, growing, evolving, art, science, technology and practice.”




Sophie is also collaborating with Yoga teacher Jal. Jal has spent time living in India, practicing yoga and meditation daily. She completed her Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training in the spiritual place of Rishikesh, at the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India. Alongside teaching traditional yoga classes, Jal also teaches Pregnancy yoga and Mother & Baby yoga. Jal feels a deep passion to help nourish and empower new mothers whilst they are going through this great transition in life. She is a mother to Grayson and currently expectant with her second child. 


Sophie and Jal believe yoga is for every body and every person is so different and beautifully unique in their experience, so don't worry if you're a complete beginner, these classes are still for you.

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Videos and resources

Take a look at the first two sessions below, along with the accompanying PDF for more information on the roots and lineage of Hatha Yoga. 

Session 1 Part 1

Session 1 Part 2

Session 2 Part 1

Session 2 Part 2

Click below to view the PDF accompanying these sessions for more information, links and resources:

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