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Charlotte Arnold

About Charlotte

Originally from Suffolk, Charlotte is a Freelance Dance Artist who mixes together teaching, performing and creating. She trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating with both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Contemporary Dance, before joining Black Box Dance Company in Denmark. As a company dancer she has worked with Marie Brolin-Tani, Tim Rushton and Tina Tapgaard, amongst others, touring internationally, then going freelance in 2019.

Creatively, Charlotte has been commissioned by The Danish Royal Ballet School, Holstebro and NSCD, but also collaborates with fellow dance artist Anna Cabré under the name of ACCA. ACCA’s first sketch, Occupational Hazard, premiered in February 2020 at Open Source Arts, whilst ACCA DANST, a lockdown dance film, was selected for the Leeds Summer Group Show 2020 and was one of six works shortlisted for the grand prize. Other than dance, she is passionate about being as environmentally friendly as possible and cuddling dogs!


"Art, movement and creativity, especially under the guise of dance has been a constant in my life since childhood. When I turned 14, and discovered Contemporary Dance and the vast reach of the genre I was certain that this was the path I was headed down. I’ve been a 'professional' for the last four years, and feel my art is constantly evolving, because there’s always so much to explore and discover.

Movement in all forms excites and motivates my practice. We are surrounded by movement - people walking, trees swaying in the breeze, the rise and fall of your breath in your chest. To be human, is to move, it’s ingrained in everyone and even when we think we are still we are not. Yet, it’s also not just a human characteristic - there is so much movement, rhythm and texture in the world, be it natural or urban. I like to draw attention to this perpetuity in my practice through casting a new lens to view and appreciate it."

My proudest moment so far, would have to be performing at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen for The Savage Rose’s 50th anniversary. A sold out crowd of almost 5,000 people over three nights was electric. We reimagined an infamous (and controversial) Danish ballet, Dødens Triumf, dancing on a podium with a rock band - one of the nights was also my birthday - it was amazing!"

About the project

At Our Feet is a meandering journey through Gott’s Park, that navigates through woodland, parkland, water and movement - conceived as a dance film to celebrate and magnify the natural movement of the park’s spaces. This celebration of nature is echoed by the harmonising of a human body which curls, and slots, and folds itself into spaces, but also tramples, and runs and swings all over it. A multi-purpose space, used and explored through many different lenses.


Running hand in hand with the movement film is a route that maps the physical and virtual journey of the film, as I’m keen for the scope of this digital project to transcend the screen. The walking instructions are intentionally liberal, and yet also intentionally strict, aiming for audience members to both lose and find themselves in an extraordinary place nestled in Leeds. Use them to make sense of the film, or use them to explore the spaces beyond the camera, or not. The choice is yours.

IG: @charr_arnold

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