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Thursday's edition of Aspect: A particular mode of viewing is brought to you by the exhibition's co-curator Beth Chamberlain. We've got an excerpt from Beth's video artwork Corridor, as well as a film as her installation The Fates, and some bonus material of the group show Little Women, which showcased other artworks by Beth.


Take a look at the artwork, on our Youtube channel, and read below for some insight into her practice.

About Beth:


Bethany Chamberlain is an installation and film artist studying in her final year at Leeds Arts University. Coming from a background of sculpture and performance, her practice is driven by ideas which currently manifest themselves through film-making. Influenced by structural film theory, the work has a formal quality to it, but is driven by an interest in dreams, cinematic tropes and philosophy.


From Beth:


My practice is presently informed by the philosophy of repetition and the uncanny. I'm drawn to everyday actions that recur over a long period of time, e.g a hand knocking on a door - the classic three-tap knock is usually enough before someone answers the door. My practice imagines a world where this doesn't happen. The objects are perpetually bound to this nonsensical 'game'. The door is never answered, or perhaps the response is a second knock. I imagine these moments as a depiction of some kind of limbo. Influenced by The Myth of Sisyphus and the philosopher Gilles Deleuze, the work suggests a series of loops and transgression into the uncanny. The work begins to take the form of a dream-like sequence which walks the line between seducing the viewer and what Satre would call a subtle 'nausea'.


- Beth Chamberlain


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