Tom Chadwick

Tom runs an independent clothing brand that prints limited edition bamboo t-shirts. Tom’s passion for drawing started from a young age, constantly creating illustrations on Microsoft Paint. He studied Product Design at Leeds Beckett but found that his lecturers were not supportive of his ideas to design and print t-shirts. In 2015, after graduating he set up his own t-shirt company, Tomoto. He produces original designs that he describes as minimal, monochrome and meaningful. Tom puts a lot of thought into his designs and their composition, he considers what his t-shirts will look like when worn by different people and covered by scarves and jackets.


Tom’s biggest achievement is ‘not giving up on his dream’ and starting his clothing brand with no experience and only £1,000. Tom’s designs are mainly inspired by different cultures and their stories; he aims to tell these stories through his designs. His favourite creative space in Leeds is Assembly House because it is a friendly and lively environment, with exciting gigs and exhibitions. Assembly House differs from other studios in Leeds that are upmarket and career based; Tom prefers Assembly House’s experimental atmosphere.


You can buy Tom’s t-shirts at and check out his Instagram - @Tomototshirts