Archie Brooks

Currently my work primarily focuses around introspection, self evaluation and human relationships with technology, especially video. I am a video and installation artist, whilst dabbling in painting and woodwork. I work mostly with old tv's and monitors using them as a painter would pain, they are my medium, alongside a litany of live and delayed footage to create works that invite the viewer to become the catalyst of the work.

My work creates dialogues between the spectator and the artwork, as a means of inducing introspection and self awareness. I create spaces that invites the viewer into the artwork as they become entangled with the installation. I am using this increased critical awareness to focus on people and their present experience. Their movements are mimicked on the screen or their sounds become the noise from the speaker. Their present existence is utilised and displayed to them from an outside perspective, allowing the flow of time to feel more material when visual reference points of yourself through time are recreated on the screen. I am creating spaces which encourage people to be introspective and exist momentarily in an act of self reflection. This presence in the moment is necessary and often hard to find. My work attempts to enforce this state of mind, visually showing new vantage points to induce self-observation and raise questions.

Through this body of work I divert attention from the artwork and artist to the viewer, who becomes the observed, whether through physical ways of observation like CCTV or through self observation via direct questioning. The viewer does not need any prior knowledge of the philosophy guiding my work as my art is intended to make immersive experiences for everyone.




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