Rufus Newell

Rufus paints and draws but also experiments with woodcut, sculpture and stretching his own canvases. He describes his paintings as interesting, explosive and colourful. Rufus is originally from Hastings, where, at 18 years old, he got  into art during his foundation year. He has been living in Leeds since graduating from Leeds Arts University in 2013. ‘I always wanted to move away to Germany and have a studio there’ but studying with Mike and Lester (the directors and founders of Assembly House) led to the opportunity of having a studio space at Assembly House. 


Rufus is most proud of his most recent exhibition All Abroad in Harlesdon High Street, London. The paintings and objects were made and inspired by his and Zoe Spowage’s recent residency at the Cyprus College of Art. Rufus loves having a studio in Assembly House because he is constantly inspired by the other creative people, as well as them being great for a chat. His other favourite creative spaces in Leeds are Seagulls Reuse, Sunnybank Mills and Scrap. 


You can see more of Rufus’s work from his website and on Instagram - @rufusnewell