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Confetti Pattern

Nicky Murmann

Since 2021

Has been with us-


I work as an artist individually and collaboratively on projects or in collectives (Spiegelei, Queerology, Renard-e-x, DISrupt).

I create safe environments in private, public or art spaces in order to facilitate conversations and storytelling. These spaces are developed linked to subjects and material treated in projects, which can be physical spaces or life art. In fixed or manipulated framework if it is on screen as final result, for example as video or installation work. My working process combines a variety of media including text, sound, and visual material (for example drawings) – to produce performances, sound pieces, or videos.

I embrace the power of vulnerability and intimacy to link humans in different kinds of dialogue – through active listening or through the sharing of opinions. Consent is an essential part of my practice when I am creating a one-to-one performance. The audience member is always free to leave at any point and share with me as little or as much as they are comfortable doing.
In videos and sound work I use text, a song, a poem or a fake interview using my own life experiences of the everyday, queerness, mental health, emotions, trauma, or identity-ies.


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