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Confetti Pattern

Maja Novak

Since January 2022

Has been with us-


My practice consist of paintings, textile, ceramics, sculpture, illustration and installations. I’m interested in using natural materials and recycling old products into new pieces of work. I often use oil paint and acrylics in my paintings, and I enjoy playing around with different textiles and textures as a foundation for my work. My illustrations are often hand-drawn, in combination with embroidery. At the moment I’m exploring ceramics and metal work which I hope to become installations pieces, together with my paintings and illustrations.

My artwork and interests often differ from the techniques I’m using - within illustration I’m interested in using travel diaries as the theme of documenting human experience, discussing ideas and issues relating to identity, community and the philosophical understanding of creation. I like to travel and immerse myself in the cultures and traditions of the places I visit, and then reinterpret my experience and understandings (what I’ve learned from them), with illustrations, essays and poems. Sometimes I like to challenge my understandings, by voluntarily putting myself in new situations and scenarios, to challenge ideas and perceptions we have about social issues and norms, as well as my own.
On the other hand, I’m interested in abstract work - especially through painting. As I create this sort of work impulsively and intuitively, it’s becomes very rare that I plan it. I play with space, form, materials, and explore contrasts, perceptions and perspective. I give myself time and space to simply create, without a plan or expectation. I often challenge myself to work until failure, so I can discover new limits within myself whilst challenging the old limits that have accumulated through life experiences. I’m interested in the therapeutic process of liberation, and discovering philosophical ideas that can occur while accessing the flow of making art what it is.
To put it simply I use different techniques for expressing multiple interests. Most of my themes relate to us as people, and the cultures and traditions we create, and the planet we live on. As well as the philosophical ideas we have. I’d like to Invite you, the observer, to the possibilities of expansion of what makes you, beyond the breath and the physical existence, through art.
I try my best to keep my work simple, light hearted and with a pinch of humour at the same time.
If you take anything away from looking at my work, even if it’s something as simple as you taking the time for yourself to become still inside or out, that’s enough to make me happy.
In general, I just need to constantly make things. It makes me, happy.

Instagram: majanovart


I like Assembly House because it’s so diverse with many different artists; it’s really inspiring to be involved in such a supportive space, and it keeps me motivated to experiment more in my practice. The atmosphere is super relaxed and supportive - no matter at what stage you’re at on the road of being an artist, you will always feel appreciated here. It’s a great space to grow as a person, and be creative.

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