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Confetti Pattern

Kit George

Since 2022

Has been with us-


My work is wide ranging, from mural design for music festivals and events, to make-up workshops with adults and young people for Leeds Pride.​

As a trans person with a visual impairment, I am driven to create works that are community and accessibility driven, with a social conscience.
My keen interest in community, and where people find a sense of belonging, led me to create my first documentary film ‘Tete a Trans’ and my first zine “in my experience”.
After graduating from LAU I gained experience in a creative factory making and painting scenery and costumes for seasonal themed sets and costumes / animatronics.
I am involved with local drag collective Age of The, LGBTQ+ night Love Muscle and Other local events. This let me continue to pursue set and costume design, as well as create relaxed and safer spaces at our events.

I enjoy to paint with watercolour, acrylic and digitally as well as create 3D work such as signage, costume and sets.
Having a studio has allowed me to explore a more relaxed working style and get to feel at home at Assembly.

Instagram :kitgeorgeart


Assembly is a friendly welcoming space where people are usually working hard or hanging out that isn’t in the centre of Leeds. They do community projects with local people and groups and that is so important!

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