Confetti Pattern

Kirsty Fife

Since March 2021

Has been with us-


I'm a zine maker and cultural organiser.

My zines are personal narratives that explore identity (about being queer/femme, fat, working class, disabled), history, creativity, music and research. I use zines to surface alternative narratives and engage with making outside of institutions and art schools.

I organise Weirdo Zine Fest, which is a zine fair centring cultural production by radical/marginalised makers. I also coordinate fat positive clothes swaps which provide free/low cost accessible to clothing to people across Leeds.

Twitter: @diyarchivist
Instagram: @iffystrike

"In the last few months I've been finishing up my first book, which is a zine collection that will be published in June 2021 called "From the Gut". This is a collection of work from across the last decade of creative practice, and I have re-encountered a lot of typos... "